Free resources and information

SEND leadership

SEND self-evaluation Tool for schools 

This self-evaluation tool has been designed for school settings to evaluate their SEND provision to inform an action plan for inclusion.

SEND: Preparing for an Ofsted Inspection – 8 Questions to Answer 

A self-evaluation form with 8 questions for SLTs and SENCOs to consider their responses and evidence for.

High quality teaching and inclusive practice

Key Inclusive Strategies (IDP) 

A summary of inclusive strategies that can be used to support a range of learners as part of quality first teaching as well as a selection of strategies for particular needs.
Individual Healthcare Plan IHP Template – Template from OHS for the creation of Individual Healthcare Plans for those with medical needs.

Literacy Difficulties Policy and Advice 2020  

The Oxfordshire Literacy Difficulties Policy and Advice aims to provide schools with evidence-based guidance on the assessment and support of pupils with literacy difficulties.

Individual Healthcare Plan IHP Template 

Template from OHS for the creation of Individual Healthcare Plans for those with medical needs.


OXSIT checklist for reducing the risk of exclusion 

Guidance on exclusions, reintegration TT

Reintegration Plan / Reintegration Timetable Guidance 

Schools must complete this plan when a temporary reintegration timetable to meet a pupil’s individual needs is considered to support a child / young person to engage in education. All children of statutory school age are legally entitled to full-time education so use of these plans should be short-term and only used in exceptional circumstances, only with full explicit parental consent.

OXSIT Behaviour Support Plan 

This document is designed to support school staff plan for and support learners presenting with challenging behaviour. Ideally this will be used in conjunction with OXSIT’s Inclusion Support Plan with support from your OXSIT consultant. 

Oxfordshire provision information

Diminishing Difference Provision Map 

A list of Oxfordshire service providers supporting schools to: Improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils (those entitled to the pupil premium); Accelerate progress of learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; Support schools to reduce exclusion and improve attendance for learners vulnerable to underachievement.

The Local Offer 

The Oxfordshire SEND Local Offer with details of support services, guidance and polices, information and advice.

Links to EHCNA, Annual Review paperwork and OCC SEN Guidance

EHCNA paperwork 

A link to the documents that schools need to submit to apply for an EHCNA.

‘All About Me’ Guidance and tools to support person centred planning 

Guidance and tools to support person centred planning for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment.

Oxfordshire Guidance for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support

All schools and settings should have a clear approach to early identification and response to children and young people’s SEN as part of their universal offer.  This guidance supports Oxfordshire schools and settings to implement the SEND Code of Practice (2015) but does not replace the statutory guidance

Oxfordshire Local Area Bitesize Training

The SEND Series: The Local Offer, the Graduated Approach and SEN Support 

Provision planning and reviewing for SEND  

A PowerPoint explaining and exploring the EEF: Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools Guidance Report and encouraging self-reflection on SEN provision through a series of questions. The slides also consider, quality first teaching, the graduated approach, universal, targeted and personalised provision for CYP with SEND. Designed to be shared in a staff meeting to support whole school CPD and reflective practice.

Provision Planning using 3 waves for inclusive practice and Quality First Inclusive Teaching 

A word document outlining the principles of Quality first teaching and how these underpin provision planning for CYP with SEND. The document shows strategies to support pupils at universal, targeted and personalised levels of support within each of the four broad areas of need and can be used by teachers to inform their Pupil Profiles for pupils at SEN Support and develop their in class provision for CYP with SEND.

SEN CPD Audit 

This audit for school staff will support SLT and SENCOs in planning appropriate and timely CPD about SEND, The Graduated Approach and SEND provision in school.