SEND BiteSize Training

SEND BiteSize Training

OXSIT are delighted to present some new Bite-sized training from OCC. We hope this will be useful for parents and carers, staff in schools, and multi-agency professionals.

Here you will find some free bite-sized training covering over 30 topics that we hope will help you to understand more about support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Oxfordshire. 

The training comes as a powerpoint with voice over, and has been designed as an introduction to each topic, (also known as ‘the bite-sized basics’). These materials provide you with links to further reading, external resources and materials. We also hope this will give you a chance to reflect on what further training and development might be needed. Let us know your thoughts. What would you like to see next? 

Each session is brief and contains a feedback link – if you could take the time to provide feedback it will be really helpful in evaluating this free training offer and planning for further updates or new topics. 

For information on further training on any topic please contact your inclusion consultant or email [email protected] 

We are committed to continuous improvement of our services for all young people with SEND and thank you in advance for engaging with this training.


Click a training link to be taken to a preview page. Download the PowerPoint  to enable the included audio and video content (you will be prompted to open the document in read-only mode) 

Once you’ve downloaded the Powerpoint, go to ‘slide show’ and click ‘from beginning’ to get all the included audio and video content.

SEND Law and Statutory Guidance

Good Practice


Types of SEND